6.1 Add New Merchandise

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To add new merchandise, click on the “New Item” icon.

  1. Fill-up necessary information and click “Submit” button to save.

Add New Merchandise

Add New Merchandise form (pop-up)

SKU Please enter your product SKU
Category Please contact your account manager to set up the categories for you.
Barcode Please enter your product barcode
Description Merchandise item description
Price Please enter your product price
Notification Email Email to be notified on item creation/transactions
Qty Initial quantity of merchandise item
Purchase Quantity Min/Max quantities allowed to be purchased at POS
Qty Type Unlimited or limited purchase quantity of item at POS
Min Qty Minimum quantity allowed for purchase
Max Qty Maximum quantity allowed for purchase
Order Quantity Quantities for warehouse ordering
Master Pack Qty Number of items per pack
Threshold Qty Set threshold for item quantity to trigger email notification to be sent for restocking.
Max Shelf Qty Maximum capacity in shelf


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