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In the Dashboard tab, you can get an overview of the sales of your products, amount of tickets redeemed as well as your top ticket sale for the period. The graphs are a visual representation of your sales within your selected date range – last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months or custom date range.

Today’s Visitor : Number of tickets redeemed for the day in the attraction.

Today’s Sales : Revenue generated from all tickets issued for the day in all the channels.

Visitorship (7 Days): Number of tickets redeemed within your selected date range. Plotted and broken down by products.

Dashboard Overview – Visitorship

Revenue : Total amount of revenue generated from all tickets issued within your selected date range. Plotted and broken down by channels.

Channels :

GlobalTix : Transactions from the GT Marketplace

Main: Transactions from own reseller account.

Online: Transactions from the online store.

POS: Transactions from the POS.

Dashboard Overview – Revenue

You can also view at a glance what are the redemption numbers for your Top 5 Products, Top 5 Ticket Types and the Top 10 agents who are purchasing your tickets.

Dashboard Overview – Top 5 Products / Top 5 TIcket Types / Top 10 Agent


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