Working with a channel manager to automate channel management and reach global audience

What is a channel manager, and why do attractions, tours, and activity providers need one? 

A channel manager is a tool that allows you to diversify bookings, streamline rates and availability on multiple channels through a single platform.

Here is how a channel manager helps you sell more, and work more effectively:

A ready global distribution network to connect and sell

Apart from flexible ticketing abilities, res tech offers you a channel manager that allows you immediate and direct access to over 2,000 leading distribution partners around the world such as Expedia,, Traveloka, & more. It is as easy as logging into your GlobalTix account and selecting from a dropdown list of who you want to work with.

Real-time inventory management

Manual tweaking of rates and availability will be a thing of the past as a channel manager facilitates real-time inventory management. All changes are reflected across all your sales channels, so you never have to worry about losing control over your inventory or spending too many man-hours at it.

Create different pricing for different agents

Full control over price, relationship, and data

You also get full control over price, relationship, and data on a single platform. You decide who you want to sell to, at the rates you would like to, and you can even enable multi-pricing across your sales channels. Like to offer special rates for a specific agent you’re working closely with? Simply set it up in your account!

Multi pricing, tiers and channels enabled through channel manager
Multi pricing, tiers, and channels enabled through a channel manager
Multi-pricing: set special price for specific agents

Performance Transparency

As a neutral platform, what you see is what you get. From customer information to reseller information, all booking data are readily available and updated in the dashboard in real-time. With these information, you will be able to measure success and strategise next steps.

Are you concerned about reaching global audiences in this post-covid world? Or if you’re still manually contracting agents, spending manhours to fulfill sales order, tweaking rates and availability?

A channel manager helps you solve just that.

Sign up today, or login to your GlobalTix reseller account to connect away!